Based on the abundant production know-how gained from the strength and ties of the Oshu production center as well as fabric manufacturers and processing manufacturers throughout Japan, we are making proposals to apparel companies. [Tradition * New Initiatives - Always Willing to Take on New Challenges]
The Sasaki Group, with SASAKI SELLM CO., LTD at its head, was established in Ichinomiya City, Aichi as "Sasaki Shoten" in 1937. In 1969, Sasaki Keori Co. was established and, after developing as a wholesaler of clothing fabric with woolen cloth production capabilities, took on our current name of Sasaki Sellm Co. Ltd. in 1992.
Starting in 2000, we began expanding overseas as well with a base location in Shanghai, China. We are expanding globally to a number of countries including Korea, Taiwan, and the United States, with a focus on Asia. Sales in Asia currently make up less than 30% of our total however, armed with skills that only we can provide, we hope to continue taking on new challenges in these areas.

[Bishu area's Leading Company]
Bishu area, in which the majority of woolen materials in Japan are produced, is a wool producing area which stands beside Italy in worldwide production. Sasaki Sellm has firmly solidified its position as one of the leaders in the Bishu area in the field of women's woolen garments. We are a project proposal-type company who, as a textile converter, work together with a variety of manufacturers including spinning, textile, dyeing and finishing companies for the creative planning of textiles. We also have manufacturing capabilities such as production control, inspection, maintenance, and logistics, and wish to put these capabilities to use in the future in order to further grow as a comprehensive textile business.